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A passion for teaching, a passion for students, and a passion for Christ is the heart of HERITAGE ACADEMY.

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Exceptional Writers

HERITAGE ACADEMY students have won top state awards in the Letters About Literature contest developed by Laura Bush and have placed in the top three in the nationally...

Excited to Learn

Students actually cheer for extra math periods. Hip Hip Hooray!  There is extra math today! Not all kids love math…or so I thought.    As a child,...

Stunning & Passionate

Heritage Academy is where stunning curriculum meets passionate teachers. When a teacher actually sees and notices each child, learning expands.  Our teachers take...

Where students are known

The founders of Heritage Academy have purposefully chosen to keep our school small so that the entire staff can delight in knowing each child by name. It is the dream of every good teacher to know his/her students individually, and our small class size along with the partnership we have with parents allows the teachers to have this gift. Academically small class sizes have a tremendous impact on the learning that takes place at each grade level. When teachers truly know each child and can interact personally with them, learners thrive. When each child’s learning style(s) are honored, competence becomes achievable. When a child is truly noticed and known in their uniqueness, learning becomes uniquely exciting.

Minds are Challenged

At Heritage Academy, we strive to ensure that our student’s minds are consistently challenged. We believe our minds are not fixed but able to grow and change through learning, practice, and hard work. This growth mindset is facilitated through a rigorous yet inviting curriculum that is well planned but driven by learning styles, vigorous effort, and exciting successes. Students are challenged to think, work, and grow to a higher level each day making new connections and building their skills and understanding. This results in the development of critically creative thinking and problem-solving skills as students are challenged to persist through challenging academic tasks, connect prior knowledge with new learning, ask more questions, and discover new information.

Faith Becomes Authentic

In a world where faith can have many interpretations, we desire to create a culture of authentic, biblically based, genuine faith for our students: A faith that believes in and trusts that God is real and that He, through His Son, truly loves and has a plan for each student. Our hope and desire are to build a healthy faith community through every avenue that is available to us. We believe that faith comes from focusing on the life of Christin our daily lessons and is further built through the relationships with our teachers, staff, and among our students. Our educators and teachers seek to naturally integrate Biblical truth, whether it be woven into academic lessons or through everyday interactions with their peers. We see our community as a support system that models authentic faith. We believe our students leave knowing who Jesus is and understanding His deep and abiding love for each of them.

How do we define “rigorous”?

“Rigor,” in the academic sense, is referring to that fine line between challenging and frustrating a student. It means that students are challenged to think, perform, and grow to a level that they were not at previously. It means that students must work, like an athlete at a team practice, to build their skills, understanding, and thinking power so that they can achieve at higher and higher levels.It means that the standards of the course are calibrated so that students are compelled to grow, but are not frustrated and overwhelmed in the process.Teachers atHeritage Academy watch and work to help students navigate this fine line.


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