Advanced Writing Skills

Institute for Excellence in Writing

Many children love to write and express themselves on paper, yet other children panic when asked to create writing topics spontaneously in a lesson. In a classroom both kinds of children are present. How does one encourage a child to love the creative flow of stories and thoughts? Institute for Excellence in Writing has provided a framework for writing that has encouraged both sets of children at HERITAGE ACADEMY in grades K-6. For the first child, the curriculum introduces exciting techniques to find new words and new ways of expressing thoughts through “dress-ups” and “sentence openers.” For the second child, the curriculum provides the outlines and frameworks for success by offering step-by-step sequential and concrete ways of writing. HERITAGE ACADEMY students have won top state awards in contests like the Letters to Literature contest developed by Laura Bush. Students leave HERITAGE ACADEMY with fundamental writing skills that far outdistance any other writing program.

Most importantly, students love the writing success they experience through the IEW program. At the end of each year when the beginning work is compared to the end of the year, students delight in their writing achievements.