Purposeful Design Bible

The goal of the Purposeful Design Elementary Bible series is for every student to have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, developed and nurtured by engagement with the Bible in this series.

The following themes and concepts are woven throughout the series both directly and indirectly:


  • God tells His great story in the Bible. God’s Word displays His nature, His works, and His plan of redemption.
  • God’s Word is truth. Because God’s Word is true, the series presents students with Bible truths, not Bible stories.
  • God loves everyone. God loves and cares for people. His desire is for all people to have a right relationship with Him. His intentions toward every person are always gracious and good.
  • Everyone needs to come to a saving faith in Jesus. The series often presents the message of repentance, personal faith, and acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
  • Christlike behavior, evangelism, ministry, stewardship, and apologetics are all applications of spiritual growth in Christ.
  • Bible study, prayer, and worship are disciplines for spiritual growth.
  • Students need to know and understand spiritual concepts.

Expected Student Outcomes

A strong Bible program requires that students not only acquire skills and knowledge but also grow in faith and demonstrate that faith by their behavior. For this reason, each lesson has a unique set of expected student outcomes—statements of desired student outcomes in the areas of knowledge, skills, and life application through studying the lesson. Because growth in faith is an individual matter, students will come to apply Scripture over the course of time as they grow in their relationship with God.