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Advantages of Private Christian School

Signing Up at a Private Christian School

Making the decision to send your child to a private Christian school can be very overwhelming. The choice is normally decided by cost, academic challenge, safety, and location. A private Christian school normally offers challenging academic curriculum and demands more meticulous standards for graduation. Council on America Private Education (CAPE), which is prestigious and widely respected, has reported that “scores for college-bound seniors in religious and independent schools were substantially higher than the national average, actually helping to boost that average.”

Discipline at a Private Christian School

One of the things that are emphasized at a private Christian school is discipline. This teaches students self-control and personal responsibility. Clear rules and an expectation of self-disciplined behavior from pupils does wonders in encouraging inner reserves of dignity and respect for other people. Not to put too severe an emphasis on the issue of discipline, a substantial number of public schools are not known for their highly disciplined learning environments. Social and legal trends have led to what can only be referred to as chaotic, uncontrolled settings that encourage casual bullying and occasional eruptions of violence. The demand for a higher moral character and strict rules of conduct at a private Christian school make this sort of unacceptable behavior extremely rare.

Class Size Advantage at a Private Christian School

A private Christian school has the advantage of smaller class sizes, smaller enrollment, and lower student/teacher ratios than public schools. That being said, having smaller private school classrooms ensures teachers and students will have a better working relationship, and the benefits of smaller class sizes mean students have more opportunities to seek guidance and participate in class discussions.

Focus on Family Values at a Private Christian School

If you’re looking for a school that focuses on the values that are important to your family, that’s exactly what you will find with private Christian School education. Unlike public schools, which increasingly seem to arrogate unto themselves the Biblically ordained role of parents in raising their children, a private Christian school recognizes the extremely essential role of parents and will keep in close touch with parents over issues arising from their children’s moral and educational development. This approach forges a closer bond between the parent, the school and the student. This results in higher academic performance.

While strong academics continue to be at the forefront, a private Christian school gives some freedom to align curriculum with Christian values. Concepts learned in the classroom can be viewed through a variety of lenses, including those of the Christian faith. For instance, if students are studying social justice, part of the conversation could include why Christians should care about social justice following the example of Jesus. In oceanography class, students may learn how climate change is affecting the ocean and weather, which could lead to a discussion focused on the need to care for all of God’s creation.

The Curriculum at a Private Christian School

Private Christian schools make the commitment to provide instruction from a biblical, Christ-centered worldview. The academic lesson plans are infused with biblical truths, that help expose God’s truth, which helps students make the connection between God’s larger frame of reference and the pieces of life. Having the spiritual freedom of reading the Bible, praying in school, and discovering Christ in every class, provides your child with a strong biblical foundation that will last always. The benefits of a private Christian School are pretty apparent, your child will receive; strong academics, a sense of community, a positive learning environment, safety, discipline, and a focus on the values that are important to your family. Needless to say, daily exposure to Biblical lessons reinforces the moral development of growing children who need steady leadership from their teachers, a feature sorely lacking in public schools.

Leading by Example at a Private Christian School

Children learn from what they see and hear. While steadfast daily faith by parents accounts for the great bulk of showing children by example how to live well, regularly encountering a large number of other people openly exhibiting the tenets of Christianity in all the ways of life deepens the message of hope and faith in God’s word and His beloved Son.

Higher Academic Performance at a Private Christian School

Standardized tests scores have shown that the scores of private Christian school students are consistently higher than state and national averages of their peers in public school. A private Christian school tends to attract dedicated teachers who want to teach students who are motivated to learn and excel. Rather than trudge through the lowest common denominator set by a bloated public bureaucracy, teachers and their pupils flourish in congenial surroundings that encourage advanced studies in mathematics, physics, electronics, chemistry and other hard sciences along with the classical liberal arts.

Social Interaction at a Private Christian School

Quite apart from the formal aspects of a Christian education, being able to interact and make friends with other practicing Christians is less lonely than struggling through the daily challenges of dealing with ignorant or even outright amoral individuals with no understanding of the message of the Bible and no respect for the supreme sacrifice made by Christ.

Faith at a Private Christian School

There are always some students who need the Savior, and Christian students are trained and encouraged to reach these peers. Presenting Christ as Savior is not illegal here and is fully supported by the school authorities, parents, and school board.