Cisco is an Amazing Place to Work

When you think about the best companies in the world to work for, what usually comes to mind?

I bet you are thinking of companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook.

No one can argue that the above companies are great, but I find myself wondering why I never hear Cisco. Here’s why:

  • EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION – Ask any Cisco employee how they like their jobs, and you’ll hear nothing but good things. Cisco takes employee feedback year after year and continuously improves the workplace.
  • WORK FROM ANYWHERE –  Cisco allows employees to work from anywhere, by providing the best technology and resources. You can connect to colleagues and customers in the office, from home, or even on vacation.
  • YOU GET YOUR BIRTHDAY OFF – What other company allows your birthday to be a company holiday? Cisco employees don’t have to wait for the weekend to celebrate, but instead are encouraged to spend their birthday away from the office.
  • TRAVEL – Whether you are visiting customers or attending a sales conference in Las Vegas, Cisco is a great company for travel. Employees are encouraged to make an impact within the business and may travel to do so.
  • WORKPLACE RESOURCES – Depending on location, Cisco offices can give employees everything under one roof. From amazing cafeterias, smoothie bars, high tech gyms, running trails, sports courts, massage therapy, doctors offices, dry cleaning, child care, and much more…Cisco is not lacking workplace resources. 
  • DIVERSITY – As a Cisco employee, you can find yourself collaborating with people around the world. You are encouraged to connect and share ideas with colleagues around the globe. 
  • DID I MENTION COMPENSATION? –  Compensation is usually a pretty important component when it comes to employee satisfaction. Cisco makes sure to compensate employees fairly.
  • TECHNOLOGY –  Working for a top IT company can be amazing when it comes to technology. Cisco employees get to work with the latest and greatest technology innovations.
  • ONE CISCO – This term refers to the fact that employees at Cisco are more like a family than colleagues. The workplace environment encourages people to work together, lend a helping hand to others, and volunteer in the community. 
  • SOLVE THE WORLDS BIGGEST PROBLEMS – Cisco employees truly change the world for the better. From protecting endangered species, creating smarter cities, keeping mine workers out of dangerous work environments, providing health care to third world countries, aiding in global disasters, and much more…Cisco uses technology to make the world a better place.
  • JOB GROWTH –  There is no better place for career growth opportunities than Cisco. Leadership encourages employees to follow career aspirations and helps support employees along the way. 

So now I ask you, what is the #1 company in the world to work for?

-I’d say Cisco-