College Life in Palo Alto

It was a month before finals during the first semester of my junior year. I remained on my kitchen area flooring asking myself why I had actually made a decision to take such an extensive course tons and also enrolled in the extracurriculars that occupied my week.

As a naturally interested person, I determined to take AP classes to challenge myself; yet, as I pondered the course choice for this past year, I recognized I had actually dutifully complied with the “guidelines” of taking on a demanding program with registering in AP US Background and AP Biology.

I have actually resided in Palo Alto for the previous 15 years of my life, as well as after college, I don’t intend on returning. Despite being a city filled with opportunity, excellent academics and the normal warm California climate, being increased in Palo Alto as well as experiencing the society from the inside is an additional story.

For example, I don’t think that academic roughness is the end-all-be all. You might question why– would not taking a heavy course load educate me to be a lot more organizational skills as well as withstand high amounts of stress? Yes. Yet success isn’t defined by good grades as well as how little rest I can work on. Rather, it is measured by my effort, compassion as well as inquisitiveness that permit me to accomplish my objectives.

Art by Ashley Zhang

Palo Alto’s affordable society isn’t what I want to be bordered by later in life. For my future kids, instead of overdoing the tasks that produce a strong resume and also immersing them in a culture of consistent competitors, I desire them to be kids– to play and also do what they enjoy, whatever that may be.

Those that can see themselves going back to Palo Alto might say that a rigorous and also high tension education and learning enables us to mature and also prepares us for university and also beyond. But as students overdo countless AP and also honor classes for university, they shed an important aspect of an education and learning: locating their interests.

College is indicated to support children’ love of knowing as well as inquisitiveness for the world, while maturing is a time for establishing a feeling of self, constructing friendships as well as figuring out one’s own values. Though Palo Alto has extraordinary academics, the culture of tension limitations trainees’ enthusiasm and also hobbies.

We might learn and test ourselves, but at what price? A childhood? Consistent anxiety?

According to David Elkind, a professor of child studies at Tufts University, a childhood permits people to have the moment to grow and also learn life lessons. Without a long enough childhood years, kids might not learn the importance of developing partnerships as well as other life abilities.

Additionally, substantial scholastic stress causes young people to develop stress-related health issues such as uneasiness, hyperactivity, eating as well as sleeping conditions, behavioral problems and scholastic problems, according William Doherty, a professor of family members social science at the University of Minnesota.

Even if a student gets superior grades, you may not be confessed to their leading university. So in the long run, is a prospective admission to a respected college actually worth all those hours or anxiety?

To be fair, PaloAlto has allowed me to find right into my own; I uncovered my interest for digital photography and also established an expanding excitement for social justice. As well as for that I am forever happy. Nevertheless, I want to educate my children regarding the globe which academics and success goes beyond a resume. Allowing them to grow up outside of Palo Alto will do simply that. For some, the workaholic way of life might match their goals, but for my future household, that isn’t the instance.