Excited to Learn

Students actually cheer for extra math periods.

Hip Hip Hooray!  There is extra math today!

Not all kids love math…or so I thought.    As a child, my early report cards confirm that I was completely overwhelmed and confused by math. I could muddle through each page, but I sure never liked it. I was that child that did not love math.   And now I am principal of a school where children actually cheer when the teacher announces an extra math period.  Can you imagine my delight????  Heritage Academy students actually look forward to math each and every day and our math scores are off the charts!!!!!

During our 45 minute math period you see children working alone, children encouraging each other, the teacher instructing a small group and then a single child, students using individual chalk boards and workbooks, and students working together on the large white board in front.  They might be struggling to work a problem or they might be succeeding right away.  Math is like that!  Sometimes it clicks and sometimes it takes work.  The teacher has helped the students know that, with all the struggles and successes, their brains have grown and changed and they are smarter.  Challenge accepted, challenge conquered!  Tomorrow is another math day and they are ready.

Note from Mrs. Davidson, Principal and Founder