Frequently Asked Questions

Are you affiliated with a church?

No. We are a non-profit organization (501(c)3) and responsible to our own Board of Directors.

Have you adopted the Common Core State Standards for your school?

No, we have not adopted the CCSS, nor do we ever intend to. Our classical Christian roots give us academic standards that raise the bar on education. Instead of Common Core, we have chosen a curriculum that provides a comprehensive program utilizing the Core Knowledge Academic Sequence for grades K – 6 through the lens of God’s Word. Our curriculum was chosen to train students to reason independently, foster thinking strategies, and encourage problem-solving.

Do you have a dress code?

Yes. Students wear solid color polo shirts with navy blue, black, or khaki pants, shorts, or skorts. Clean, neat jeans are also acceptable. Athletic shoes are required five times a week. We do have a dress uniform that includes a red polo shirt with a logo, a red sweatshirt, sweater, or fleece jacket with a logo, and khaki slacks or skirt.

What are school hours of operation?

Kindergarteners start at 8:30 and are released at 3:00 with the option for early release at 1:45. Students in grades 1-6 start school at 8:30 and are released at 3:00. Students may arrive by 8:20 for Circle Prayer, which takes place each morning in the White Room at 8:27.

Do you assign homework?

Homework at Heritage Academy is limited and involves only important, essential tasks. In Grades K-2, homework might include reading nightly to a parent, studying for a spelling test, showing off a new math skill, or finishing a page from the classwork that day. In Grades 3-6 essential homework can include reading for comprehension/fluency or just enjoying a book report book, studying for a test, pre-reading for the next day, or correcting a test or math page. What is sent home is important and thoughtful, and teachers will do their very best to limit homework, especially on the weekends and during vacations. Homework is never assigned just to do homework!

What is your discipline policy?

At Heritage Academy, we believe that children should consistently demonstrate respectful behavior toward adults, other children, and themselves. They should honor the directions given by the teacher or another Heritage Academy adult. When there is a problem, we try to discern if a child is being disobedient or merely exhibiting childhood irresponsibility. Childhood irresponsibility is approached through retraining and redirecting. Deliberate disobedience can lead to a teacher conference with the children involved, an appropriate consequence, an apology (either verbal or written) or, lastly, a call home. Discussion with the child will always focus on the choice that was made and how alternative choices would be better in the future. Prayer is always involved.

Do you have a hot lunch program?

Yes. Hot lunch can be ordered Monday-Friday. Three healthy choices are provided and lunch is delivered directly to the school. Orders are placed and paid for at the beginning of every month.

Do you have PE and music programs?

We offer structured PE classes to Kindergarten – 6th grade. Movement, play, and skill development are valued and emphasized in our physical education classes. Music theory is taught in each grade level as a part of our Core Knowledge curriculum. Singing is taught and enjoyed weekly in preparation for our Christmas program and spring musical, which can also include dramatic performances by our students.

How can parents participate?

We love having parents on campus to help with a class, cooking, art, and science projects, assisting in the office, occasional grading, and with parties. We welcome parents to become involved as room parents or aids, field trip organizers, and drivers.

Do you have a Board of Directors?

Yes, the principal is responsible to a Board of Directors. The Board oversees policy and finances.

Do you accept donations?

Yes. HERITAGE ACADEMY is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and any donations are fully tax-deductible.