Homeschool parents are passionate about the education of their children, and we as Heritage Academy, want to lend support to that education. As our Mission Statement asserts: HA exists to partner with parents to raise up excited learners. We have delighted in our homeschool-school connection.

On Tuesday and Thursday mornings we welcome homeschool students to our campus to participate in activities such as science, bible, music, grammar, literature circles, and IEW writing instruction. We want to honor the homeschool teacher by offering subjects that are usually the most difficult to teach at home on a one-to-one basis. Kindergarten students have two options and are welcome Tuesday and Thursday or Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. When in class, they will participate in all subjects offered those mornings.

Part-time students are considered members of the HA student body and may participate in after school activities, field trips, musical performances, parties, etc. Students arrive at 8:27 for opening prayer and stay through dismissal at 3:00pm.

It is the hope of Heritage Academy that participation in classroom activities will help to hone skills such as working in groups, collaborating, listening to others express ideas and opinions, practicing social skills, and learning to get along with different personalities. Our part-time students also bring their passions to the classroom, and we enjoy the enthusiasm they bring to our Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Please Note 

While many of our part-time families are also enrolled in other enrichment programs, Heritage can function as the umbrella for our part-time families if needed. Parents who choose this option will be responsible for teaching all subjects not covered by Heritage and required to submit necessary documents such a curriculum lists, attendance, report cards, etc. 


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Parent Quotes

❛ At HERITAGE ACADEMY, without exception, the kids experience unconditional love and respect. We also appreciate the positive and safe environment. ❜
❛ It has been great to be a part of a school community with shared values in placing Christ at the center of our child’s education. ❜