Living in San Francisco on a Tech Salary

The imagine benefiting one of Silicon Valley’s numerous technology behemoths, together with the high-ends such a six-figure salary would manage, has led to droves of design degree-toting techies coming to the Bay Area.

Though, in reality, earning a tech income is not all it’s cracked up to be.

In the country’s most competitive real-estate market, it can be next to difficult to discover budget friendly living accommodations. The housing crisis has actually left thousands having a hard time and also has not done anything to aid the city’s homelessness epidemic.

It sets you back $3,360 on average for a one-bedroom house in San Francisco. That implies when the typical beginning tech salary of $91,738 is thought about, some techies are paying out a great portion of their paycheck only on lease.

And when it’s time for those technology employees to acquire a home, forget it: A recent research study located that 60% of them felt they could not manage one.