New Facebook Campus

Facebook is expanding again.

It’s been just over two years considering that Facebook relocated into its 430,000-square-foot, Frank Gehry-designed headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif. Now the company prepares to increase once more, as well as this moment it wants to construct a lot more than just office for its employees.

Facebook on Friday unveiled plans to build what it will call its “Willow School,” a “mixed-use town” that seems like a combination of a strip mall, an apartment complicated as well as a workplace park.

The new campus, which will be ideal behind Facebook’s existing head office in Menlo Park on a site the company obtained in 2015, will certainly consist of a supermarket, a pharmacy as well as 1,500 real estate units, greater than 200 of which will be rented at “listed below market prices.” All of this will certainly be open to the public, according to the company’s blog post. There will certainly be 125,000 square feet of retail area in total, and 1.75 million square feet of office, though it is unclear if the office will be reserved specifically for Facebook. (A speaker stated the company is “not able to talk about various other specifics today.”).

Facebook believes the grocery, retail, housing and also workplace parts of this task will be completed by 2021. This campus will be in addition to the business’s existing office, not a substitute for it.

Facebook likewise pictures that this brand-new school will aid with transportation, which is poor in the Bay Area, both due to traffic as well as to an absence of public transportation options between San Francisco and cities along the peninsula, where tech giants like Facebook and Google have actually set up sprawling schools.

” The region’s failure to remain to purchase our transport framework together with growth has actually led to blockage and also delay,” the firm created on its blog, claiming it plans to construct a transportation fixate this new university and offer “east-west links” (which don’t exist presently).

Technology firms have actually provided a lightning rod for upset Bay Location locals who have actually seen tech loan dramatically change areas and rent rates. The buses that lots of technology firms utilize to shuttle staff members from San Francisco to their corporate headquarters have actually been opposed and even wrecked in the past.

Facebook is conscious of the stereotype and also is trying to go out ahead of problems early with its brand-new campus.

” Moving forward, we intend to remain to function closely with neighborhood leaders and community participants to ensure Facebook’s visibility is an advantage to the area. It’s one we’re lucky to call home.”.