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An Argument in Favor of Christian School

Christian School vs. Public School

Some people believe that parents paying money for their children to go to a Christian school doesn’t make sense because they are paying for the same education that kids who attend public schools are receiving. That simply is not the case.

Yes, it’s true that they will be taught similar subjects like; math, science, reading, history, etc; however, what they won’t get in public schools is faith, and worldview that pervades Christian education and that’s what some parents value. Whether your family is religious or not, we all have certain standards and beliefs about what life is about, what our purpose is on this planet, and where we came from. Since kids spend a large portion of their time at school, parents want faith to be instilled in their children not just at home or at church, but in the classroom as well.

Christian School Fulfilling Needs

Being sure that the school you select will fill your family’s needs is important because your child will be under the influence of students/friends and teachers of the type of community you know can only benefit your child. Education is such an important part of growing up, and when that growth is supported through strong Christian values that a Christian school gives, it will create accomplished, confident and well-rounded children.

When parents who value education emphasize it throughout a child’s life, which helps a child learn their priorities, begin good work habits, and become more organized. No matter the age of the student, it is so very important that the schools they attend offer a variety of activities for development of diversified skills. Enrichment classes like choir, drama, art appreciation, band, orchestra, community service projects, as well as academics, are all important. When a relational component of God and Jesus is added to the mix and presented with love and support instead of guilt and fear, this helps give children the strength and personal fortitude that is needed to avoid many of the common behavioral pressures that may be more so experienced in public schools.

Christian School for Like-minded Thinking

When a Christian family sends their child to a Christian school, they do so partially because of the like-minded thinking they share with the teachers, administrators and other parents. This goes a long way towards making the parents feel more comfortable. Many Christian parents don’t feel public school is a good influence on their children. They choose a Christian school because they believe their children will be taught values similar to their own.

Children spend more time in school under the influence of teachers than they do in any other environment. This is why many parents choose a Christian school to meet their family’s needs.

As a Christian school, the educators at Heritage Academy understand the concerns of parents. They are open-minded and willing to address these concerns head-on. As a Christian school, Heritage Academy is proud to address each child’s needs differently. Heritage Academy knows that each child is different and needs different things from a Christian school.

Individual Attention at a Christian Schoolike-minded Thinking

Public schools tend to suffer from inadequate teacher-to-student ratios while a Christian school tends to offer better individual attention to their students. The National Center for Education Statistics reports a ratio of close to 16 pupils per public-school teacher for the years 2003 through 2013, which stands in marked contrast to a reported ratio of 12.5 pupils per Christian school teacher in 2011.

Superior Academic Achievement at a Christian School

A Christian school tends to attract dedicated teachers who are more motivated to teach students who themselves are motivated to learn and excel. Rather than muddle through the lowest common denominator set by a bloated public bureaucracy, teachers and their pupils flourish in congenial surroundings that encourage advanced studies in mathematics, physics, electronics, chemistry and other hard sciences along with the classical liberal arts.

The Approach to Bullying at a Christian School

Not to put too fine a point on it, a large number of public schools are not known for their peaceful learning environments. Longstanding social and legal trends have led to what can only be called chaotic, uncontrolled settings that encourage casual bullying and occasional eruptions of violence. The moral character and strict rules of conduct of a Christian school make this sort of horrendous behavior a rarity.

Social Interaction at a Christian School

Quite apart from the formal aspects of a Christian school, being able to interact and make friends with other practicing Christians is less lonely than struggling through the daily challenges of dealing with ignorant or even outright amoral individuals with no understanding of the message of the Bible and no respect for the supreme sacrifice made by Christ.

Family Values Respected at a Christian School

Unlike public schools, which increasingly seem to arrogate unto themselves the Biblically ordained role of parents in raising their children, a Christian school recognizes the critical role of parents and will keep in close touch with parents over issues arising from their children’s moral and educational development. This type of respect is normal in this environment.

Amplification of Faith at a Christian School

Children learn from what they see and hear. While steadfast daily faith by parents accounts for the great bulk of showing children by example how to live well, regularly encountering a large number of other people openly exhibiting the tenets of Christianity in all the ways of life deepens the message of hope and faith in God’s word and His beloved Son.